Welcome to Everest Metal Industries L.L.C


Our Vision at Everest Metal Industries LLC (EMI) is to offer a high quality products and service, both efficiently and competitively priced Cable Management System for the electrical industry. The Company has vast experience in the development of service supports with particular reference to the disciplines of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering in conjunction with the Industrial, Commercial, Power Generation and Petrochemical markets.

Today’s Electrical installers’ requirements are wide and varied and EMI Cable Management Systems are ideally placed to meet their needs. EMI Cable Management Systems provide complete solution which includes supply of Cable Trays, Ladder, Trunking and its accessories, Support Systems for Cables, Floor System, Earthing & Lightning Protection, Batteries and Tunnel lighting modular cables.
EMI Factory is located in Dubai (DIP-2) and its Sales Offices are located in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and distributor network in Oman, Qatar & Bahrain. EMI staffs have been selected for their wealth of experience covering Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural & Civil Engineering disciplines. Continuous product research and development are a fundamental principle of the Company. The experienced sales staff offer a complete design and installation procedure, should the project necessitate.