EMI – Cable Ladder & Fittings

Standard Widths: 100, 150, 225, 300, 450, 600, 750, 900, 1000-mm. Other widths are also available on request.

Everest Metal Industries Ladder is designed to give a maximum Cable Loading Capacity whilst retaining high strength. By utilizing high quality steel, Hot Rolled Steel to BS EN 10149-3:1996, Cold Rolled to BS EN 10130:2006 then Post Galvanizing to BS EN 1461 (formerly BS 729) ASTM-A123, we offer a high strength, competitively priced, corrosion protected Cable Ladder System for a variety of Industrial uses.

We have introduced new Marine Profile & C Profile cable ladder system which is light in weight, effective utilization of space and economical.

We also offer these Ladders in other metals such as Stainless Steel in Grades 304 or 316L, Aluminum and indifferent finishes viz. Epoxy Powder Coated and Wet Paint.

All fitting are offered at 300mm Radius as standard and others Radius available on request.

Standard rungs centers are 300mm, however other rung centers are also available on request.

A wide range of Fittings and Accessories are also available to complement and complete the range.

Materials & Finishes

– Hot dip galvanized with using Hot Rolled Steel to BS 10149-3: 1996, Cold Rolled Steel to BSEN 10130:2006 then post galvanizing as per BS EN 1461 (Formerly BS729)ASTM-A123.

– Hot dip galvanized with using Hot Rolled Steel to BS 10149-3:1996, Cold Rolled Steel to BS EN10130:2006 then post galvanizing as per BSEN 1461 (Formerly BS 729) ASTM A123 with Epoxy Powder Coated Or 3 Coat Wet Paint System.

– Stainless Steel Sheet to ASTM A240 type 304, 316L.

– Aluminum Grade AA1100

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